Planning & Spinning For A Project


Now that your spinning skills are beyond the beginning stage you might be curious if you can spin for a specific project in mind. This workshop will focus on picking a project and how to spin the desired yarn for it. Fiber choices will be analyzed, drafting, spinning, and plying techniques will also be discussed to help you achieve the yarn you want. How to calculate the amount of fiber needed will also be addressed.

What you need to know before taking the class:

How to spin a continuous yarn on a spinning wheel and how to ply from two bobbins.

You’ll leave knowing how to:

  • Select the right fiber for a project
  • Select a drafting style suited for the yarns’ end use
  • Create and match a control yarn
  • Match a commercially spun yarn
  • Swatch and estimate fiber amount needed for a project

Length of class:

Full day