Novelty Yarns


Once you’ve mastered the basics of yarn construction the fun begins to try your hand and novelty yarns. In this workshop you will learn how to spin different types of novelty yarns both in the construction of the singles and the ply.

What you need to know before taking the class:

This is an advanced intermediate class. Students should be comfortable spinning a consistent yarn at their wheel and plying from two bobbins.

You’ll leave knowing how to make the following yarns:

  • thick/thin
  • coil
  • core spun
  • knotted yarn
  • spinning non-traditional yarns with fabric
  • Navajo ply
  • beaded yarns
  • adding other objects into your yarn
  • time permitting boucle in 6 hour workshop

Length of class:

Full day for entire novelty list or can be shortened to 1/2 day and picking fewer techniques.