Intermediate Wheel Spinning


     This workshop will teach students how to get out of a spinning rut to spin yarns for different projects, ways they can analyze yarn properties, and how to approach spinning different fibers with different drafting techniques.

What you need to know before taking the class:

How to spin a continuous yarn on a spinning wheel and how to ply from 2 bobbins.

You’ll leave knowing how to:

  • Spin yarns other than your go-to yarn
  • Achieve a balanced yarn
  • Approach spinning fibers other than wool like silk, cotton, & alpaca
  • Spin using different drafting techniques

Length of class:

Half day workshop (doesn’t include silk, cotton, & alpaca fiber but wool will be used to demonstrate spinning techniques on these fibers)

Full day workshop includes spinning with silk, cotton, and alpaca fiber in addition to wool.