Okay, so we’re not quite there yet but I am looking forward to all the awesome things spring is bringing! Warmer weather, the end of snow, and lots of awesome fiber happenings. I’m looking forward to joining the North Country Spinners Guild in New Jersey in April to teach two workshops and give a talk on the process of becoming a Master Spinner and how I went about writing my book.

I’m also plotting and planning what my “next big thing’ will be. Since I always write patterns for my handspun yarns, or modify existing ones, I thought it would be fun to try and design and write up a pattern specifically for handspinners. I was debating how to roll out the pattern, dabbling with the idea of doing a spin along. My friend Cal suggested I tie in the release of the pattern with Tour de Fleece and that sounded like an exciting prospect! I plan on releasing the pattern as part of a spin-along and then the pattern would be flexible enough that weavers, knitters, and crocheters could all join in for the fabric construction portion using the method of their choosing.

Since this will be my first time creating something like this, I plan on using the Instagram challenge #The100DayProject to document the process of designing and creating this pattern/spin along.

Before I jump into my next endeavor, however, I am just about done completing my #SpinnybunsWovenSkirt project. You can follow that hastag on Instagram to see all the yarns that I created and wove up to make fabric that will be turned into a skirt for myself and a matching vest for my husband. The last yarn that I spun for this project was a singles yarn. I wanted to add a little flare to it and so I created a few of these beehive coils. I posted pictures of the yarn on Facebook and some spinners were asking me how I constructed this beehive. In response, I’ve made the video so that you can create these awesome beehives too! This is one of the yarn techniques that I teach in my Novelty Yarn workshop and it’s one of my favorites to make. If you make a beehive using this technique please share your results. Click on the photo to follow the video link. Enjoy!


How to spin a beehive singles in handspun without a core