Finish Line!!

My face right before the banquet!

I am so excited! Yesterday I finally received my certificate that says I am a “Master Spinner”!!

The process was a long one that started 10 years ago but now I am officially done! Here is the current status of my checklist:

Step 1: Get an ISBN number
Step 2: Submit copy of study  and attend ceremony to receive Master Spinner Certificate
Step 3: Party with Edy (my BFF from year 1 of the course) 
Step 4: Make website to sell book and list workshop offerings/dates
Step 5: Print copy of book for final inspection
Step 6: Sell book/throw confetti
Step 7: Travel the world teaching workshops on spinning

Now that the website is finished, it won’t be too much longer until the book is finally available but you can pre-order your copy today here!

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